Here's Portfolio book with internationally awarded works. Concept design, 3d environments and architecture



<UPDATE>June '23: in 4 months May - Sept '23, I creative directed and supervised build of "Rings of Time" art installation and amazing MSG Sphere in Las Vegas. Huge gig... and huge thing hanging in Sphere lobby at more than 300ft length and 90ft tall

<UPDATE>June '20 - '22: I was Concept designer in all 3 seasons of Star Trek Picard series. Trek is alive and kicking better than ever.

<UPDATE>June '19: Concept designer in season 01 of Amazon's LotR Rings of Power series. Designing Khazad Dum and underground Dwarf habitats for this huge show was amazing experience.

<UPDATE>June '13: For last 4 months, and also last summer, I worked on Wachowski's new sci-fi epic called "Jupiter Ascending". I created designs for 3D printed costumes.

<UPDATE> Apri '12: Finished work on new Robocop movie. Directed by Jose Padilha of "Elite Squad" fame. This will be great.

<UPDATE> Nov '11: Now working on "Oblivion" movie directed by Joe Kosinski of Tron: Legacy. Looking very sleek.

<UPDATE> July '11: Completed work, mostly props concept design, for R.I.P.D. movie, directed by Robert Schwentke.

<UPDATE> Dec '10: After 5 months of work I am done with "In Time", a distopian future Sci-Fi thriller directed by Andrew Niccol. I created props, time gadgets & LA based location environment designs.

Oct '09: In the new issue of a premiere UK design magazine ICON, Spore Lamp and Alienology were featured. (Nov ‘09 issue – UK).

<UPDATE> July '09: Alienology is on-line and running. Digitally manufactured products are now available. See for yourself >>

<UPDATE> Feb '09: Completed almost 2 year long gig for Chimera design - theme park for Marvel in Dubai, UAE

<UPDATE> March '08: My work was a winner at BLOOM - an MTV / Onedotzero film competition. Video was then commisioned by MTV, produced by Onedotzero and is currently running on MTV Europe

<UPDATE> June' 05: "farewell to arms" exhibited at CALIFORNIA DESIGN BIENNIAL 2005, selection of best design in CA in last two years - on exhibit now at Pasadena Museum of California Art

<UPDATE> May '05: completed couple of projects at mOcean

<UPDATE> Aug' 04: Some of my graphics are eatured in new book of computer art ELEMENTAL premiering at SIGGRAPH 2004 in Los Angeles

<UPDATE> May' 04: Featured in news section of Archinect (again) - also, my new webreel is UP so check it out.

<UPDATE> March' 04: Vertical Village is featured in EXPOSE 1 - collection of best computer graphics worldwide - published by Ballistic Publishing.

<UPDATE> Jan' 04: I am a winner of Autodesk iDesign Award for best stylistic design in 2003. I got it for my IVAR project design.

<UPDATE> Oct' 03: I'm lucky enough to work on couple of projects with PIXEL LIBERATION FRONT in Venice, CA; who are THE people that did previzualisations for more major movies than I can think of now. Well, okay... THE MATRIX is one.

<UPDATE> Oct '03: My architectural designs are featured on pages of LA ARCHITECT magazine in the article about 3D design process and 3D software - alongside works of Frank Gehry, Peter Testa, Greg Lynn etc.

<UPDATE> May '03: Vertical Village won the award for Best Architectural Visualization (Still) category at 3d festival in Copenhagen, Denmak. WOW!

<UPDATE> I was just informed that my "Farewell to arms" graphic will be exhibited in the main art gallery at Siggraph 2003 in San Diego, California in July 2003.

<UPDATE> January '03: The Ivar Project CG rendering featured in '03 calendar for CGARCHITECT as one of 12 best renderings from 2002! Get one for yourself at their shop.

<UPDATE> November'02: This site was just linked up from ARCHINECT - No 1 design and architecture related news site - bringing Los Angeles and worldwide design news. Check it out.

<UPDATE> Nov.- Dec.'02: My artwork is exhibited in Kellog's gallery at University of Pomona, California as part of national juried digital art exhibition "DPI2" See on-line prospectus here!

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