Here's Portfolio book with internationally awarded works. Concept design, 3d environments and architecture



<UPDATE>June '13: For last 4 months, and also last summer, I worked on Wachowski's new sci-fi epic called "Jupiter Ascending". I created designs for 3D printed costumes.

<UPDATE> Apri '12: Finished work on new Robocop movie. Directed by Jose Padilha of "Elite Squad" fame. This will be great.

<UPDATE> Nov '11: Now working on "Oblivion" movie directed by Joe Kosinski of Tron: Legacy. Looking very sleek.

<UPDATE> July '11: Completed work, mostly props concept design, for R.I.P.D. movie, directed by Robert Schwentke.

<UPDATE> Dec '10: After 5 months of work I am done with "In Time", a distopian future Sci-Fi thriller directed by Andrew Niccol. I created props, time gadgets & LA based location environment designs.

Oct '09: In the new issue of a premiere UK design magazine ICON, Spore Lamp and Alienology were featured. (Nov ‘09 issue – UK).

<UPDATE> July '09: Alienology is on-line and running. Digitally manufactured products are now available. See for yourself >>

<UPDATE> Feb '09: Completed almost 2 year long gig for Chimera design - theme park for Marvel in Dubai, UAE

<UPDATE> March '08: My work was a winner at BLOOM - an MTV / Onedotzero film competition. Video was then commisioned by MTV, produced by Onedotzero and is currently running on MTV Europe

<UPDATE> June' 05: "farewell to arms" exhibited at CALIFORNIA DESIGN BIENNIAL 2005, selection of best design in CA in last two years - on exhibit now at Pasadena Museum of California Art

<UPDATE> May '05: completed couple of projects at mOcean

<UPDATE> Aug' 04: Some of my graphics are eatured in new book of computer art ELEMENTAL premiering at SIGGRAPH 2004 in Los Angeles

<UPDATE> May' 04: Featured in news section of Archinect (again) - also, my new webreel is UP so check it out.

<UPDATE> March' 04: Vertical Village is featured in EXPOSE 1 - collection of best computer graphics worldwide - published by Ballistic Publishing.

<UPDATE> Jan' 04: I am a winner of Autodesk iDesign Award for best stylistic design in 2003. I got it for my IVAR project design.

<UPDATE> Oct' 03: I'm lucky enough to work on couple of projects with PIXEL LIBERATION FRONT in Venice, CA; who are THE people that did previzualisations for more major movies than I can think of now. Well, okay... THE MATRIX is one.

<UPDATE> Oct '03: My architectural designs are featured on pages of LA ARCHITECT magazine in the article about 3D design process and 3D software - alongside works of Frank Gehry, Peter Testa, Greg Lynn etc.

<UPDATE> May '03: Vertical Village won the award for Best Architectural Visualization (Still) category at 3d festival in Copenhagen, Denmak. WOW!

<UPDATE> I was just informed that my "Farewell to arms" graphic will be exhibited in the main art gallery at Siggraph 2003 in San Diego, California in July 2003.

<UPDATE> January '03: The Ivar Project CG rendering featured in '03 calendar for CGARCHITECT as one of 12 best renderings from 2002! Get one for yourself at their shop.

<UPDATE> November'02: This site was just linked up from ARCHINECT - No 1 design and architecture related news site - bringing Los Angeles and worldwide design news. Check it out.

<UPDATE> Nov.- Dec.'02: My artwork is exhibited in Kellog's gallery at University of Pomona, California as part of national juried digital art exhibition "DPI2" See on-line prospectus here!

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