"Strange Continuum" is ongoing
series of my internationally awarded
and exhibited posters.

Images are completley done using
digital tools and are existing as ca.
20" x 30" hi-quality gilclee prints.

All of them were made using 3d
computer graphics tools and are
visualisations of "environments"
connected by an overall mood that
is somewhat bizarre and dislocated.
They may be seen as building blocks
in a small but constantly expanding
bubble universe.

Even though these images are made
as fully 3d CG they are designed to
be viewed as printed posters or as
book front covers.

That means they are meant to be
still, illustrative pieces

3D design and graphic design use
different language of expression.
This is my attempt to connect them
in dialogue.

Some of the places these graphics
were exhibited are:

- Kellog's gallery at University of
Pomona, California (2003)

- Digital Art gallery at MacWorld
Expo 2001 in New York City and San
Francisco. (2001)

- Nagoya Design Center in 1998 and
2000 (Nagoya, Japan - two times
winner @ Nagoya design

- Brunei gallery at University of
London, UK

All artworks copyright by Igor