Flare Group is a long term project of Igor Knezevic - to create and communicate works in areas of architecture, design, visual arts and film.

Founder, Igor Knezevic, is based in Los Angeles, CA.

Igor says:

I am designer and architect specialized in creating 3d environments, Concept Designs and product Designs using variety of 3D and 2D digital tools.

Before I laid my hands on 3D tools  and Computer Graphics, I was trained in traditional painting media and I drew comics and illustrations. Now I use this valuable experience to pour some content  into these shiny computer images.

Works displayed here can be seen as building blocks in a small but  constantly expanding bubble universe.

The digital tools used to create these images obscure their structural elements, making it possible for  both the viewer and the artist to concentrate on the fundamental creative concepts within.

The beauty of graphic art lies in its ability to convey a message whilst leaving room for interpretation.

See list of Igor's awards here.