Igor's 3D CGI Showreels


3D CGI, concept design and environments design by Igor Knezevic from Igor Knezevic on Vimeo.

Video reel of 3D CGI, concept design and environments designed by Igor Knezevic. Main tolls used here were: 3ds Max, Maya, XSI, V-ray, Mental Ray, After effects, Photoshop and matchmoving sortware such as Boujou and Syntheyes.
All aspects of this reel (design, modeling, texturing, lighiting, compositing) were done by Igor, and this is meant to showcase general skills in the design and 3D CGI.

More detailed technical reels for specific areas in 3d CGI are coming up soon.




Real-time previs simulations for environments from Igor Knezevic on Vimeo.

This is collection of 3D real-time environments created while working on various architectural, TV and theme-park projects. Such scenes were used for design approval and communications with creative director and other members of the team. Scenes are created mainly using 3ds MAX or Maya using gaming engines such as unity and quest3D.
In that sense, what you are seeing here are always work_in_progress scenes that were generated daily to re-evaluate design direction.
Thus, these scenes are real-time previsualization tools created to experience immersive environments at the very early stages of production and enable director to make immediate decisions in real-time environment.



Matchmoving and Imagemodeling reel from Igor Knezevic on Vimeo.

Here are various examples of Matchmoving and image-modeling techniques. Matchmoving sequences here were done after the shoot, and there were no trackers of any kind placed in the environments. Tracking was done with Boujou or Syntheyes and it involved combination of automatic and manual tracking and, once tracking process was started, it needed extensive re-calibrations and reference photos taken long after the shot was done. Initial photography wasn't done with 3D CGI in mind. Some sequences were then stabilized and re-timed.