Vertical Village Redux

This is design of 400 m high autonomous building done for "Vertical Village" international competition. The shape of the building is conceived as double helix. In one helix are living spaces, apartments etc. In other are public spaces such as schools, offices, shops etc. In between these two is third, open air helix, with terraces, greenery and recreational spaces.

The Ivar Project

This is design for a restaurant and nightclub in Hollywood, California. Client wants to have very flexible space - all elements of interior should be movable and detachable without too much work. Main purpose for this space are corporate events mainly for entertainment companies in L.A. + plus clubbing and dinning during the week. Technologies such as video and laser projections and transparent flexible LCD screens will be implemented to make space change visual character to some degree as quickly as possible.

Moire Cafe NEW

Located in generic grid of Phoenix International airport, design of this bar/café is inspired by movement and temporary nature of airport experience. Airports exist in space but are usually experienced in time as an event, one of many in chain to bring one to final destination.

Evolva city

Concept art and 3d previz for a independent sci-fi movie project. Can't tell you much about what it is about now... (NDA) but design guidelines involved alien planet and references to "mutable" environment. Movie is planned to be made in HDTV. I will be posting design progress and "evolution" as I get permissions.

White House

This was my entry to the White House Design Competition. Dwell magazine organzed this competition to redesign White House for a new millenium. This sounded really funny. Well, I couldn't help but to first think of scenario of what could be, say, four years from now, and then make it really far fetched... and then build my patchwork around that. It was great fun to spend couple of evenings trying to think out a fictional situation that can be helped by redical redesign. Think tax cuts. Think Enron. Think theme parks. Read On.
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Church of the Light

See renderings of Church of the Light - famous design masterpiece by japanese architect Tadao Ando built in Osaka, Japan. These renderings were produced using global illumination tools in Lightscape to capture unique interplay of light and architecture. There is only one lightsource in this scene.

Virtual Sets

Virtual Sets and backdrops for LAUNCH cd-rom magazine. This is copyrighted by Launch Media Inc. All designs, modeling, texturing by myself. All images were made in 3d Studio MAX. They were used as backdrops for interviews with actors and musicians. See inside for details.

Some conceptual stuff
Here's my entry to Japanese Shelter in the Air competition.
Selection of these graphics were exhibited as part of "Envisioning the Future" art gallery at Siggraph 99 and published in ACM Siggraph Computer Graphics magazine.





My design for extension of a house in Los Angeles. This is work in progress so please check again for new images. Tools: AutoCAD, MAX, Lightscape.


Conceptual stills from animation background (work in progress) Click on images to enlarge.

Hotel on the Adriatic coast

Main goal here was to use local materials and traditional techniques when building facades of this architectural object. Standard 3d rendered look wasn't appropriate to communicate this concept graphically. That's why I used Fractal Painter and Photoshop filters to soften 3d rendered images and achieve painterly effect.


NOTE: These images are copyrighted and cannot be used without my permission. In case you are interested in commercial use of these images (printed or any other kind of publishing) please contact me with more details.
Copyright by Igor Knezevic