Involuntary Park - Malibu, CA

Look at this beauty!!!

Located at the heart of Malibu, this ex. gas pump had at least two year's worth of unimpeded growth in the bright California sun. (probably longer, I noticed it about 2 years ago). Combine that with very wet 2004 / 2005 winter; and juicy albeit toxic remnants of gas and diesel underneath - and you have supercharged self-grown fantasy land right where you'd want to make one yourself. (if you could afford it)
It even says "self" on the sign... it takes all new meaning now.

Man, these trees are freaking out! It's green!

(click on images to see larger version)

That is Fennel growing out of that Vacuum!!! Rosemary is taking over... nicely augmenting that payphone.

This beauty is conveniently located at the PCH between the only McDonalds and the only KFC in the City of Malibu. (pop. 16000)
Sadly, there's brand new development coming just above... so future is uncertain for this piece of hybrid nature. I saw quite recently working crews nearby.

Let's hope usual snafus such as: land ownership dispute and lawyers involvement..... along with Malibu's restrictive permitting procedures will keep this gem re-growing forever.

Scouted for you by Igor Knezevic